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Swatch 'Your Move' 2017. Show Producer, working with Bluman Associates

When a company wants to advertise its proudest achievements there's no room for mistakes.

We can manage the planning process for an entertainment event or experiential happening;  from creative design to production: working directly with a company or with an agency's account director,


We've produced business festivals, conference stages, parties, awards and exhibitions for clients such as  

Diageo, UEFA, Swatch, BBC, Salesforce, Cisco, IBM, Workday, George P Johnson, Lovies Awards,

NetApp, Innovate Finance, Pitman London, Regent Street Association.

And worked with broadcast partners

BBC, Capital & Heart (Global) 



We insist on high production values - giving you the confidence to try new ways to get your message across. 

Executive Producer Jo Daykin can work in a consultancy or production role, or she can bring on an exceptional team of professionals if you need it! 

Our highly talented associates have experience in broadcast, film, theatre, public and corporate events.  Whatever the type or size of your event our expertise brings reassurance.



Project Management

Artist management

Stage management

Presentation and stage skills


Content production​

Producer. Football Fan Parks for Diageo,

Ghana & Nigeria


Project Management 

Stage Management


Corporate events for companies such as :

Guinness, UEFA Swatch,

Salesforce, Cisco, IBM, Workday,

Lovies Awards, NetApp, Innovate Finance,

Pitman London,

Regent Street Association

Working for agencies and directly for a company.

NetApp Senior Execs Awards, Madrid - Stage Management

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