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Taking event professionals and students to the next level

Nurturing best practice in event and entertainment production,
stage management and presenter training.

Whether you're leading a team in an established events company or directing an event management course in a university you'll be looking for ways to extend the experience and skills of your team or students.

  • Maybe your company's expertise is staging conferences and you want to get into entertainment

  • Perhaps you want to train up some new producers or budding presenters

  • Maybe your university students need to learn how to manage a stage

Whatever you are trying to achieve 

Executive Producer Jo Daykin will design a training package for your organisation.

Benefit from her breadth of experience across entertainment, events and broadcast

and her previous experience as a teacher and university lecturer.  


Upskilling - through talks, workshops and individual mentoring
Through active learning approaches your staff or students can experience the 'Producer Hot Seat':

making decisions based on actual event scenarios from a range of sectors.

What's on offer?
Whether it be a guest lecture or a selection of workshops, sessions will broaden the perspectives and
hone the skills of the participants
Participants can .....

  • Explore best practice in stage production and management

       Q: What information should you gather for the busy producer, stage manager and technical team?


  • Explore the challenges of a changing running order

       Q: What do you do when the lead artist runs out of time, a presenter cancels or a safety scare delays  proceedings?


  • Explore artist management from the artist’s and producer’s point of view

       Q: How do you respond to a nervous or difficult artist, or someone who just doesn’t turn up on time!


  • Learn about the essentials of good communication and command

       Q: How do you develop team cohesion and efficiency, keeping everyone in the loop

  • Receive expert guidance in writing for and being a presenter

       With the audience experience in mind I’ll broaden understanding of the importance of the script and the skills of           the presenter.






Presenter training

Taking event professionals and students to the next level.

Opening up new areas of expertise.

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